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Function Space and ISS Applications

The CF Foundation permits Exhibitors & Supporters to reserve space for private functions and Industry Supported Satellite Seminars.  Companies wishing to hold functions in conjunction with the NACFC must first obtain CFF approval. 

The CFF is holding limited space at the Headquarter Hotel, the Hyatt Regency Orlando, for corporate functions in conjunction with the 2016 NACFC. While every effort will be made to secure function space at the Headquarter Hotel, given the high number of requests and limited space, your function may be assigned to an alternate Official Conference Hotel.

  • Groups are strictly prohibited from holding functions at hotels other than where authorized and assigned to by CFF Show Management. All functions in conjunction with 2015 NACFC must be approved by CFF Show Management regardless of location.
  • Space assignments will only be confirmed when payment is received and processed. Upon approval, Show Management will provide the appropriate contact information with the hotel in which your function has been assigned.
  • Scheduled programming shall not offer CME/CEU credits. Program requests of an educational nature may qualify as Industry Satellite Seminars, which require submission of a separate application.

NACFC Fees for Function Space:

Meeting space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Function Space administrative fees are calculated at a rate of $50 per each 100 square feet.
  • Square footage will be rounded to the highest 100 square foot.
  • Function Space administrative fees will remain the same regardless of length of use.
  • There is a $500 minimum for all Function Space Requests.
*Additional meetings follow the same pricing structure as outlined above.
*Organizations must adhere to CFF regulations and may not hold functions that compete with NACFC programming.
*Fees listed above do not represent charges by the facility.
*Fees listed above do not reflect ISS fees.

An Industry Supported Satellite Seminar is:

  • An autonomous, CME or CEU-accredited educational activity held adjunct to the NACFC.
  • Planned and implemented by an industry and organization other than the CFF.
  • Not sponsored or endorsed by the CFF.
  • Not part of the 2016 NACFC official conference program and will not compete with NACFC programming.

ISS activities require written approval from the CFF, but will not receive and must not imply any endorsement or support by the CFF. All ISS activities must conform to the CFF policies contained in this document and must be held within the permitted dates and times established for the meeting.

NACFC Dates:

November 2-4
Indianapolis, IN

October 18-20
Denver, CO

October 31 - November 2
Nashville, TN


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